6 pack of 12 Volt 3/4" Round Hole Press Fit Watering System Battery Caps with Water Level Monitors

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A 6 pack of our 12 volt 3/4" press in watering system battery caps with water level monitors.

  • The quick, simple, and safe way to maintain your deep cycle batteries.
  • Easy to see water level indicators. 
  • Allows for the watering of batteries without having to remove the caps.
  • Fits most 12 volt batteries with a round 3/4" press in hole.
  • Most 12 volt deep cycle Marine & RV Group 24,27,29, & 31 batteries
  • A 6 pack will accommodate one 12 volt battery
  • These caps require 2 1/4" of clearance above the battery mounting surface.
  • Works great with our Squeeze Bulb, Squeeze Bottle, or 1 gallon Ez Battery Filler.

 Quick and easy installation:

1. Remove your old battery caps.

2. Fill you battery to manufacturer recommended level with distilled water.

3. Install your Ez-Check battery caps.

4. Adjust the O-ring to just below the red float indicator.

5. Now when the red indicator dips below the O-ring you know it's time to water your battery.

6. Remove the rubber cap on the nipple of the battery cap and fill slowly until the red indicator rises back above the O-ring.

7. Install the rubber cap and continue to monitor at regular intervals.

12 month free replacement against manufacturers defects.

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  • 5
    RV battery monitor

    Posted by PL on Aug 12th 2019

    These fit great and are used in an RV to monitor the engine battery. Fill slowly to avoid overfilling.

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    A Must-Have for RVs

    Posted by Randy G. on Jun 18th 2019

    I have a motorhome with three wet-cell, 12 volt, Interstate batteries wired in parallel for the coach. When I slide out the tray, it is easy examine the fluid level in each cell of the two front batteries, but the battery in the back is impossible to check without a mirror. Beyond that, any time I want to check them I have to pry up six multiple caps which drip acid, not to mention the need for protection for eyes and hands when doing so.

    The original Interstate caps were press-in and these caps simply press in and fit perfectly. They seal tight and show no signs of wanting to come out on their own. They can be oriented so that the filler tube is very easy to access for filling the cells. The little black "ring" around the level indication tube is actually the water level indication mark that is user adjustable. On first installation simply be sure that the cells are at the correct fill level, snap in the cap, then move the
    black o-ring to the bottom of the red mark on the visible float staff. When the red mark is below the ring, add water to that cell.

    I recommend getting the water bottle they sell (not included with the caps) which comes with a hose that installs over the bottle's spout. Then just remove the fill plug on the battery's cap, push on the tube, invert the bottle and squeeze gently until the water lever is restored. The filling opening is well above the water level in the battery so there is no worry that acid can be pulled into the bottle. The rubber caps have a little plug protrusion inside to completely seal the filler opening.

    At this point, the only thing that I would like to have seen added would be to include a cap for the fill bottle's spout so when done filling I could remove the tube from the bottle, place the tube back in the bottle (it ships in that location) and place the cap on the bottle to save the water for the next use. The rest of this system is so well designed that I find it odd they failed to see the value of a cap.

    I spent about $60 for three sets plus the fill bottle. Sounds like a lot, but the cost of just one battery is much more, and keeping the cells at the proper level extends their life. A quick glance and just seconds later you know the cells are at their proper level. Anmd your hands are still clean!

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    Battery Fill Caps

    Posted by VJ on Mar 18th 2019

    The caps fit tightly, which is good. They seem to work as advertised. Very easy to see at a glance the level of electrolyte and if topping off is necessary.

  • 5

    Posted by Bob on Nov 20th 2018

    Love it works great