11 Reasons You Neglect Watering Your Deep Cycle Battery

Posted by Kirsten Dow on Aug 13th 2018

1.  It is your first set of deep cycle batteries and you have not ruined any yet.

2.  Out of sight out of mind.

3.  You don't like crawling in the battery compartment.

4.  Deep cycle batteries are not really that expensive to replace, are they?

5.  You will do it tomorrow.

6.  They are probably fine.

7.  You are not planning on using them until next year.

8.  You don't want to change clothes - an acid hole in you pants is a sure thing.

9.  You can't find a flashlight.

10. What? You are supposed to put water in your battery?

11. You haven't ordered your Ez battery checks from ezbatterycheck.com yet!