Single-1/4-Turn Twist Lock Battery Cap with Water Level Monitor

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A single 1/4-Turn Twist Lock battery cap with water level monitor.

  • The quick, simple, and safe way to maintain the water level of your flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries.
  • Easy to see water level indicators for each cell of your battery. 
  • Cap fits 1/4-turn twist lock bayonet style mount batteries.
  • These caps require 2 1/16" of clearance above the battery mounting surface.
  • Built in ceramic filters that act as fume arrestors.
  • Anti-splash to protect against acid spills.

Quick and easy installation:

1. Remove your old battery caps.

2. Fill your battery to the manufacturer recommended level with distilled water.

3. Install your Ez-Check battery caps.

4. Adjust the O-ring to just below the red float indicator.

5. You're done. Now when the red indicator dips below the O-ring you know it's time to water your batteries.