Single-1/4-Turn Twist Lock Watering System Battery Cap with Water Level Monitor

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A single 1/4-Turn Twist Lock watering system battery cap with water level monitor.


  • The quick, simple, and safe way to maintain your deep cycle batteries.
  • Easy to see water level indicators.
  • Allows for the watering of batteries without having to remove the caps.
  • Built in ceramic filters that act as fume arresters.
  • Anti-splash to protect against acid spills.
  • Fits batteries with a 1/4-turn twist lock bayonet style mount.
  • These caps require 2 1/2" of clearance above the battery mounting surface.
  • Works great with our squeeze bulb, squeeze bottle, or 1 gallon Ez battery filler.


Quick and easy installation:


1. Remove your old battery caps.


2. Fill your battery to the manufacturer recommended level with distilled water.


3. Install your Ez-Check battery caps.


4. Adjust the O-ring to just below the red float indicator.


5. Now when the red indicator dips below the O-ring you know it's time to water your battery.


6. Remove the rubber cap on the nipple of the battery cap and fill slowly until the red indicator rises back above the O-ring.


7. Install the rubber cap and continue to monitor at regular intervals.